Hello world!

Hello World here is my confession: yesterday I overdid.

I exercised in the morning for 10 minutes. Yea me! I will work back up to daily 20 minutes. For now though it is 10 minutes every other day. Then later I went shopping with my husband. We went to the local military base, an hour away, to get my medications and go to the Exchange and the commissary. My husband made several stops on the way which dragged the day out even longer. By the last place of the day, the commissary, my legs were very tired and I was starting to limp. Not good. Two-thirds of the way through my left leg was cramping and my pain level was escalating up to about a 7 or 8. Then it happened. My left foot went into a powerful cramp. Everything suddenly came to a halt. Pain level 9. I stood on one leg trying to nonchalantly rub the cramp out. I wanted to scream. Wow that was painful. So was the rest of our shopping but I did it anyway.

Later, as I lay in bed, I thought about the events of the day. As I reflected I realized that I had set myself up for high pain both for yesterday but for the next several days. How did I do that? First I had not been feeling well for several days so I was unusually tired. Next, I did not drink enough water the day before or while out shopping so I was dehydrated. Last I simply overdid. I know that I can’t stay on my feet for very long and with exercising and then the shopping that went on for hours, it was just simply too much.

Do you ever find that you are trying to do too much? For me my physical self limits what I can do but also seriously limits how much I can do. I get very frustrated with high pain levels despite taking all sorts of medications. I want to be able to feel enhanced by doing my exercises rather than feeling exhausted. Isn’t it supposed to give me energy? Some day maybe. For now I am grateful to be able to still walk without aid. There was a time just several years ago, that I could not do nearly as much as I did yesterday at all, even assisted.

I can walk. I can write. I can see. I can overdo. I did.