The New Year and Dreams

For many years I made many resolutions. I rarely kept them through January. It was often a case of making resolutions that I thought that I should make: lose weight, exercise, get rid of clutter weekly, etc.

In recent years I quit making resolutions.

I decided to stop and just think about what direction I was moving in and observe the feelings I had about it.  No judgment. Just observation. Questioning comes only after the observation or reflection.  Am I going where I want to be going? Then, and only then, do I want to make any changes in the direction I’m going? Is it something in my control?  What gentle and simple changes can I make that will help me go in the direction I choose?

For 2013 I want to spend more time with my grandkids. I want to visit them and their parents and then I want to skype them more. I am visiting them now. (Because I am I was here to see the joy and excitement of one granddaughter when she lost her first tooth!) I also want to deal with money matters more directly. I will be thinking more about how to move in this direction.  I also think I will work at filling out The Personal User Guide by Joel Zaslofsky. Beyond this? I will then stop and dream again about my direction! Have a delightfully new year. Learn the value of play. The best way to do so is play with a child!