In the beginning…


Every day is a new beginning. How many times have you heard or read that? The question is do you believe it? Do you act as if this as true? I try to do so; at times. Unfortunately I often forget and I live in the past rather than in the now. At sixty I have a lot of past to live in. I also hope that I have a lot of future to live in.

I spent the Spring of 2012 (and summer and fall) reading a number of blogs getting ideas of how I can make some changes in my life. I have also done a bit of journal writing trying to make sense of all the varying view points and seeing how they fit into my life at the moment. It is funny. I started out looking at sites talking about decluttering, minimizing, and living with less. I gravitated towards blogs that were talking about how as the writers lived with less that their finances also got better. They also noticed how reducing not only what they had in the house but then not unconsciously adding to it by buying stuff allowed them to greatly reduce their debt! It sounds good. Too good. In order to get results it means you actually have to DO something. One needs to START. One needs to BEGIN.


I had written the first part of this post 6 months ago and it just sat. This is what often happens to me and my thoughts. As soon as I utter them either orally or in writing, I then let them just sit. I get scared of taking action. I fear what will happen if I move forward. I also have found that I don’t really know how to take action or    where to start. Does this seem a bit familiar?

Now it is the beginning of 2013. Everyone seems to be talking about resolutions they are making for the New Year. I don’t tend to make resolutions. I break them just as quickly as I made them. Why is that? Is it that I don’t have the motivation, the energy, to follow through? Do I just lack the discipline to do so?

I am learning though. I have been following a number of Blogs that have been helping me form the habits (discipline), finding my Focus (the why), and ignite my passion (the dream). The habits comes primarily from reading Zen Habits by Leo Babauta. He has a course to help you form habits but he also has his blog that helps considerably also. The Focus comes from Joel Zaslofsky who has a blog, Value of Simple, in which he helps the reader to challenge the way we think. He has written a Personal User Guide in which he has filled all the blanks about himself and challenged us to fill it out also. It is a very thought provoking and insightful tool. The third blogger,  Diane MacKinnon, lit my passion at Live to Write – Write to Live .  I have re-blogged one of her posts here.

I now have a new direction for this year. Actually it is really an old dream direction updated! Do you want to know? I will write about it in my next post, My Wildly Unlikely Goals for 2013.

Do you have any Wildly Unlikely (or Improbable) Goals for 2013? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment.