WOW! This is going to help me reframe my thinking about what is next. Keep watching to see what I do with this!

Live to Write - Write to Live

Last year I wrote about some Wildly Improbable Goals here on Write To Live-Live To Write, and I’m here to do it again.

Remember, Wildly Improbable Goals are the goals you set that seem just about impossible—the ones that get you scared and excited all at the same time every time you think about them.

Wildly Improbable Goals are not the run-of-the-mill goals we set every year. They are not about going back to the gym, eating better, or even writing every day. They are about dreams and possibilities and what-if-I-could-actually-pull-it-off?

It takes courage to articulate your WIGs, to say them out loud, to write them down. But the truth is, you know what they are.  Or, some part of you knows.

Sometimes I ask my clients, “What are you ready to know about…?” (…your life, …yourself, …your business?)

I’ve never had a client who couldn’t answer a question like…

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